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Gato_Félix; Los Monorrieles en Brasil, ideas para Arequipa

Datos sobre el monorriel Innovia 300 de Bombardier que se producen en la planta de Hortolandia en el estado de Sao Paulo en Brasil con una capacidad de hasta 1000 personas es el de mayor capacidad en el mundo actualmente ... aunque esa es su composicion maxima de 7 vagones pudiendo ser de menos vagones de acuerdo a pedido


Art rendering of São Paulo Innovia 300 Monorail courtesy of Bombardier Transportation

A new monorail system has been introduced by Bombardier. It’s called the Innovia Monorail 300, and it was introduced in 2010. The first applications will be in São Paulo, Brazil, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The 300 system is somewhat larger than the 'Innovia Monorail 200' System which is what is in Las Vegas. The beam is 690mm (27.2”) which is a little wider than the 660mm (26”) beam in Las Vegas (ALWEG Beam Comparison Chart). As in Las Vegas, the trains will be fully automated and unattended.

As with the Innovia 200 System, top-of-beam-to-floor height remains relatively small at 450mm (less than 18”.) Contrast this to the much larger numbers from Hitachi monorails.

The 7-car, walk-through trains (São Paulo implementation; can vary) each provide a “Capacity per train” number of 1002 (@6 passengers/sq. m).

Here are some Innovia Monorail 300 technical details for São Paulo, Brazil:

Power – 750Vdc
Propulsion- IGBT inverters with permanent magnet motors
Service braking- regenerative dynamic, supplemented with disc brakes
Emergency braking- spring-applied, disc brake
Parking brakes- spring-applied, disc brake
Doors- 4 doors per car; electric bi-parting
Air Conditioning- roof-mounted module containing twin HVAC units
Fire Safety- complies with NFPA-130 and ASTM E-119

Maximum operating speed- 80km/hour (50 mph)
Maximum design speed- 90km/hour (56 mph)
Seated passengers- 122 per 7-car train


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